The Future of OpenMW Scripting

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Re: The Future of OpenMW Scripting

Post by psi29a » 12 Jul 2018, 20:59

Just had an interesting conversation and thought I'd share a bit here about MWSE compatibility.

So instead of extending oldscript to support mwse, in effect creating oldscript+ which we don't want to do, we just freeze oldscript. No more development on that front.

We build out newscript.

Then we see about a translator that could convert common mwse extensions into newscript. Just to get this "on paper", Zini replied with:
Zini wrote:That would require a pretty advanced translator, but if people want to put the time and effort into it I have no problem with that.
So this is a possible way forward for MWSE support in OpenMW if anyone would like to tackle that.

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