Adding new info to save files

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Adding new info to save files

Post by mattwla » 06 Nov 2017, 00:19


I've been adding some new AI packages to my personal openmw fork. I want to start allowing the state of these packages to be saved in a save game but I am not sure about the best way to proceed. This is for my own personal project not for the master openmw branch.

The obvious solution is to look how other packages are saved and base my work on that, but I can also see that resulting in problems down the line if the master OpenMW refactors save code.

I am starting to wonder if I want to split save info into 2 types of saves, I will not touch the default saving behavior, but I will record some info into a .csv for my own AI packages. That way I can save new data I am working with without messing with the old.

Does anyone have thoughts on the best way to handle this?


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