Questions about the dehardcoding process

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Re: Questions about the dehardcoding process

Post by silentthief » 21 Mar 2017, 01:25

psi29a wrote:Obviously things like 'strength' and 'intelligence' are generic enough but strings/text involving Morrowind specific things like the gods' names are likely to be a problem.
Agreed. There is actual legal precedent for this. There are many DnD 1st edition rules remakes. The legal precedent is that the idea of a "ruleset" and the terms strength, intelligence, etc; are too generic to be able to copyright. Likewise with monster names such as goblin.

The "content" such as artwork/images is copyrighted, as is the worlds like Forgotten Realms. With "the great dehardcoding" we may have to be able to set up character templates to allow for character creation/usage, because dark elf is not going to be copyright-able but dunmer may be...

PS -- (now for the disclaimer) -- I am NOT a lawyer, so this is speculation based upon what I have seen in similar scenarios. I cannot give legal advice, nor should what I say be construed as official legal advice.
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