Werewolf Field of View

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Werewolf Field of View

Post by pvdk » 24 Feb 2014, 16:57

Right now we ignore the Werewolf FOV setting from Morrowind.ini, and we don't change the field of view when the user is a werewolf. We do support changing the field of view, something that was not possible in vanilla Morrowind. This means that simply adding a new setting for the werewolf field of view is suboptimal.

I was wondering how we should handle this?

A possible solution would be to make the werewolf fov a multiplier applied to the value for the normal fov, but this could result in a very large fov for users with a custom fov.

Or maybe we could add a werewolf fov with a default value that is a multiple of the default field of view, and have the user change it by editing settings.cfg when he dislikes the end-result.

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Re: Werewolf Field of View

Post by Gez » 24 Feb 2014, 17:24

Compute the ratio between the given Morrowind.ini value for FOV and the standard normal Morrowind FOV; and apply that ratio to the user's chosen FOV when in Werewolf mode.

That is to say: Morrowind's normal FOV is (if I'm not mistaken) 75. By default, the Morrowind.ini value for Werewolf FOV is 100 (at least, I'm sure I didn't change it). So it's 4/3 of the normal FOV. If the user has set normal FOV to 90, then Werewolf FOV of 100 means the effective FOV becomes 4/3*90=120.

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