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[Android Port] Mouse and keyboard Support?

Posted: 14 Jan 2020, 04:46
by Tomatoman
Hi every one, I've been enjoying the open microwave for a while now and it's been running really quite well on my phone. Brings back such sweet memories. Well I've been enjoying it on the phone but I'm all thumbs and they're big thumbs at that and I really would like to play using a Bluetooth keyboard/touch pad combo. That way I wouldn't have to hold my heavy phone the whole time and would be able to see around my ginormous phalanges. Anyone got any ideas?

The mouse and keyboard dealio, seem to work with my phone it's just they don't seem to tell omw what I'm trying to do. It draws a cursor but doesn't move crosshair. The cntrl key makes me crouch and the tilde key works but the rest don't t. Is there an ini or something I can rename to make this work how I figure it would?

Thanks a million!