android/color OS fatal crash

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android/color OS fatal crash

Post by Jaykobi » 11 Jan 2019, 02:06

Hi all, just trying to get openMW to work on my oppo f1s. I know it uses android but has its own running system called colorOS that works over it. I'm not sure if this is causing an issue.

I believe I have followed the instructions to the best of my knowledge although I'm pretty green with these things.
- downloaded OpenMW.apk
- installed morrowwind goty on steam.
- copied data files over to my phone under a new directory SD card/openMW datafiles

Whenever I try opening the game it says it can't find morrowind.bsa even though I can see it in my phones directory. I notice it also says about a openMW.cfg file I need to copy but I can't locate that either.

Anyway all advice is welcome. Apologies if I seem thick as I'm not familiar with these systems.

EDIT: I tried it on a galaxy tab A and the game seems to run just fine. So im assuming its finding an issue with ColorOS.

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Re: android/color OS fatal crash

Post by Jodiwe » 16 Jan 2019, 12:16

HI Jaykobi,

Did you rename the "Data Files" folder to "Data-Files" or something similar containing no spaces?

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