tes3mp-server on High Sierra (10.13)

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tes3mp-server on High Sierra (10.13)

Post by lindomarc » 17 Feb 2018, 03:45

I am not an experienced programmer, so after 2 months I was able to compile tes3mp on High Sierra (10.13)

Apparently everything is working, launcher, browser. winzard, everything Okay.

but the server is missing some configuration, I can not find a solution ...

Any issues?



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Re: tes3mp-server on High Sierra (10.13)

Post by davidcernat » 18 Feb 2018, 19:36

The TES3MP developers have never compiled TES3MP on MacOS, but I imagine it's a problem with linking one of the dependencies.

That being said, you're trying to compile version 0.7, which never really got to a playable state, as mentioned in a disclaimer on the repository:


Even if you got it working, it wouldn't do you much good right now.

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