Accidentally jump started main quest

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Accidentally jump started main quest

Post by NoSeaButton » 31 Oct 2017, 07:02

So me and a friend were exploring around Gnaar Mok and found a cave called the Carcass of the Saint. After exploring for a bit we found the enemies to be not so tough but when we reached the end we found what I presume to be the 'boss'. And this boss talked about how Dagoth Ur was friends with us the Nerevar or whatever, story stuff. But we were no way near this quest in the story line and now we have Corpus disease and we must report Spymaster on the Sixth House base. However we don't want to start the main quest line from here but at the same time we don't want to try and progress to that part of the story while we have Corpus.

Any suggestions or ways to perhaps get rid of Corpus and revoke the story progress?

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Re: Accidentally jump started main quest

Post by kuyondo » 31 Oct 2017, 12:11

Did you kill that "boss"? if you do, it will start the main quest and you get infected with corprus. theres no way to reverse this except start a new game, or play with the console.

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Re: Accidentally jump started main quest

Post by JohnMaster » 31 Oct 2017, 13:37

OP posted to Reddit as well. Answer from David below.
Shut down the server, delete your latest journal entries from data\world\world.json and delete the cave's data files from data\cells ... ortion_of/

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Re: Accidentally jump started main quest

Post by DestinedToDie » 31 Oct 2017, 14:03

In single player, the boss wouldn't be there. TES3MP seems to spawn dreamers as well before you've reached an appropriate quest state.

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