Creating a server HELP!

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Creating a server HELP!

Post by CottonSwirl » 12 Apr 2017, 00:25

I can't for the life of me figure out how to create a server me and my friend have tried everything from changing the address to using hamachi and not a single thing is working we have even followed the instructions what are we doing wrong? it always says
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are we doing something wrong are we not supposed to use a password or what? what are we doing wrong!?

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Re: Creating a server HELP!

Post by AnyOldName3 » 12 Apr 2017, 02:05

You might be more likely to get support on the Tes3MP subreddit, or the dedicated forum section here. Technically, Tes3MP and OpenMW are different projects with different goals, even though one is a fork of the other. There's obviously a lot of people who are interested in both projects, but the keenest on Tes3MP are likely to hang around somewhere specifically dedicated to it.
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Re: Creating a server HELP!

Post by DestinedToDie » 12 Apr 2017, 02:13

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Re: Creating a server HELP!

Post by psi29a » 12 Apr 2017, 07:39

Moving this to TES3MP support since OpenMW doesn't support this.

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Re: Creating a server HELP!

Post by Texafornian » 12 Apr 2017, 23:30

Did you forward port 25565?

Try this: ... 388999187/

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