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Morrowind Multiplayer's Code Has Been Released

Posted: 09 Jul 2016, 15:54
by TheSweetLizard
And available through this link
There are no yet any FAQs about compiling, nor I know any man compiled the code successfully except developers. I had some severe problems with setting up cmake to find RakNet dependency and I gave up.
If any skilled person could compile this thing and release binaries it would be just awesome. Or at least make a little guide.

Re: Morrowind Multiplayer's Code Has Been Released

Posted: 11 Jul 2016, 04:55
by aesylwinn
I posted some of the things I ran into here. It requires a bit of tinkering and things may work differently on different platforms/compilers. Unless you want to mess around with it now, I would suggest waiting until it has all been ironed out.

With CMake you can manually point the variables to the correct location and library. For me, the RakNet installed itself in the git repository for some reason (likely a bug) instead of using the install prefix I provided. I chose to point CMake to the variables instead of moving the files to a place they would be found.
So for example, I have the following variables:
RakNet_INCLUDES set to /home/aesylwinn/repositories/RakNet/include/raknet
RakNet_LIBRARY_DEBUG set to /home/aesylwinn/repositories/RakNet/Lib/RakNetLibStatic/libRakNetLibStatic.a
RakNet_LIBRARY_RELEASE set to /home/aesylwinn/repositories/RakNet/Lib/RakNetLibStatic/libRakNetLibStatic.a