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Morrowind Rebirth-Creature fatigue issue

Posted: 15 Apr 2019, 11:30
by vaulrdveller
I noticed that certain creatures in the rebirth mod like rockcrabs and ash scorpions (likely more) dont react to their fatigue falling below 0 and as such are impossible to kill with hand to hand.
The enemies had some wonky animations and did not fall unconscious in regular morrowind but they did start to take health damage correctly after fatigue falling below 0.
The mod author thought it could have something to do with missing animations.
i just thought to bring this up here as this problem could affect also other creature adding mods and i often like to play a monk but now i cant use rebirths additions thanks to this problem
Hope my explanation was coherent enough and this can be fixed, in any case if any openMW dev is reading this thank you for the awesome engine

Re: Morrowind Rebirth-Creature fatigue issue

Posted: 15 Apr 2019, 14:50
by akortunov
Currently health damage is tied to the knockout state, and the knockout state is tied to the "knockout" animation group (see the CharacterController::refreshHitRecoilAnims() function).
So if there is no "knockout" animation group, there is no knockout state for that actor.