Natural Character Growth and Decay Mod "still Level 1"

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Natural Character Growth and Decay Mod "still Level 1"

Post by Spirimint » 19 Aug 2018, 05:00

Hi Guys,

i was so happy, when i heared, there is a Level Mod like Natural Character Growth and Decay ;)

But somehow i'm not sure why i'm a really long period of time on Level 1.
Even the Levelstats is still on "0" in the Inventar.

I installed the Mod and everything went well. I startet a new game and after leaving census office i decided to play it on standart speed.
I got no errors.
Is there a way to check if the mod works properly?

Thanks very much for helping :)

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Re: Natural Character Growth and Decay Mod "still Level 1"

Post by Pookie » 20 Aug 2018, 03:16

Open your Stats Menu, and hover the mouse over any skill.
Although the skill description will still list just a single Governing Attribute, at the bottom of the window, it should also list 3 Influencing Attributes.
These Influencing Attributes are an addition of the mod.

If you want to double check, try training any skill about 4 times, and you should see an immediate 1 point increase in the 1st listed Influencing Attribute of that skill. (If you just want to test, make a save game, just before training).

The Progress to next level always shows 0/10 when using this mod, but the levels do come.

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