Telvanni and Uvirth mods compatibility?

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Telvanni and Uvirth mods compatibility?

Post by michaldybczak » 20 Dec 2017, 21:41

I love to play Telvanni and the stronghold. However, I am confused about countless versions of the mods.

There is Uviritth's Legacy mod:

There is some Open MW patch to it:


So I assume, this is playable in Open MW. What about other mods like:

Rise of House Telvanni, LGNPC Tel Uvirith, and Building up Uvirith’s Legacy?

In the past I was using Town of Uvirith that was building slowly through quest a town but Building up Uvirith’s Legacy seems to do that, as far I can tell looking on screenshots.

Does anyone have experience with those or other telvanni mods? There are so many of them with so similar names and some are older versions of others - this creates a very confusing mix. On top of that is Open MW compatibility, without it, none of them makes sense.

Also, is there a specific order to load the mods to avoid issues?

I will be testing them myself, but I would like some other info and experience that may help building awesome telvanni experience in Open MW.


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