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Does OpenMW fix Polish characters in Better Dialogue Font, like MCP?

Posted: 16 Dec 2017, 22:05
by Thunderforge
Over on Reddit, there is a user who is asking about if OpenMW fixes the errors with Better Dialogue Font that Morrowind Code Patch does.

The Graphics Mods section of the wiki says that the mod was tested on 0.40 and is working correctly. The MCP page on the Wiki does list the MCP fixes:
Polish keyboard support. Allows typing of Polish characters in-game.

Polish character corrections. Corrects dialogue font Ó and c (they normally display as O and é) when used with Better Dialogue Font Polish version
However, it doesn't say if OpenMW includes this fix.

Is this fix in OpenMW? And if not, is there an alternative to get better fonts in a way that correctly displays Polish characters?