Living Cities of Vvardenfell

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Living Cities of Vvardenfell

Post by Loriel » 02 Sep 2017, 11:33

This has already been covered on the wiki page, (Expand Table 3) with problem pinpointed.

Bug report #4065 prompted me to look at it.

The original problem:
NPC LCV Schedules 03.esp
script SC_Balmora1_3, line 138, column 40 (i71): Unexpected name
"dondos driler"->aiwander 0 5 10 i71
Where the fourth parameter should be a number
Don't know what the number should be, but deleting the i or replacing it with 1 look plausible, and stop the script erroring.

The bug report led me to visit Seyda Neen, where the error log gets spammed with:

Code: Select all

Error in framelistener: Faction 'wr_morfaction1' not found
The same esp, NPC LCV Schedules 03.esp
It appears that a woodelf agent called Erielle (ID wr_morEri_s1) was added with the mod, with that non-existent faction. Clearing that faction from the npc fixes the problem, though it may have side effects elsewhere if a new faction was proposed but not implemented. Alternatively, adding that faction probably works.


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