Fixes for Uvirith's Legacy

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Re: Fixes for Uvirith's Legacy

Post by Bonehurtingjuice » 11 Aug 2017, 17:52

Ash-Kosh, Sara <3 and Verena:

Obtaining them works perfectly fine.

Issue with the little war between Sara and Verena. Setting up Sara to pretend she got pranked by the cursed ring works fine, but then Verena won't follow me into the tunnels properly. After some time she just says she'll be back in her quarters". If you talk to her during the escort, she says the same. I simply skilled that and got Verena married to that mainland mage lord.

Sometimes Sara and Ash-Kosh get "stuck" in the following state. For example, if I send Sara away to our meeting place, Eddie will still comment on her and Verena will still refuse to talk to me, unless I go back to Sara and follow/dismiss her again. Also, her Azura statute shrine will only pop up when re-dismissing her the same way.

If you use the Daedric portal in Ash-Kosh's sanctuary, Ash-Kosh will be set as a current follower, no matter if (s)he was dismissed or following before. It's only "officially" so, since Ash-Kosh will still remain in her/his sanctuary.

Uvirith's phylactery got stuck so hard that even with TCL I had a hard time finding it. But I guess OpenMW's collision is to blame for that.

"Weather Control Device" doesn't pop up as a Topic for Aryon or Divayth Fyr after getting the note from your prisoner. Adding the Topic manually works well.

For now, I'm restarting because I'm sick of being a Breton and GCD skyrockets my Intelligence into the thousands, to the point where the game is no longer challenging at all. Long Blade, Heavy Armor and Magic are overpowered enough as it is. :D

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