Testing mods - Better Bodies

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Testing mods - Better Bodies

Post by IppSwitch » 15 Mar 2017, 15:36

Hey guys. First off i bloody love the work you are doing. I love how smooth the gameplay is now with the mods that used to create an outstanding amount of processor use and FPS.

Anyway onto the brass-tax. Going through some mods to see how they would run and i came across this bad boy.
I have tried different variants of the download including the one on your comparability page but as to no avail.
I hope you are able to figure out what went wrong. i don't have the experience to see how it's all going down hahaha.
I hope you find a solution. Until then,

Keep making an excellent engine for all of us to enjoy!

P.s i will continue to update you guys with anything that i find. if it was my end and nothing to do with OpenMW or Better Bodies.esp mod then please direct me to a swift fix! Cheers.

Edit: Ok so turns out Better heads doesn't want to work either hahaha. I shall upload the images in their fullest. The top three are for Better Heads.
Better heads3.png
Better heads2.png
Better Heads1.png
Better bodies.jpg

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Re: Testing mods - Better Bodies

Post by weedfreak » 16 Mar 2017, 11:47

Both of these mods do work, I use them and they are listed as working on the mod status page of the wiki.

It seems you may not have installed the mods correctly as the error tell you the meshes are missing. Could you say how you added the mods, hopefully the OpenMW way,.

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Re: Testing mods - Better Bodies

Post by magamo » 16 Mar 2017, 12:40

This sounds as though this is more of a support question than anything, perhaps the mods could move it here.

Could you tell us what OS you are using?

If you simply extracted these mods into your Morrowind data directory (The old 'Morrowind' way), there's a likelihood, that if you are not using an OS with a case insensitive filesystem, that Morrowind created a 'Data Files/Meshes' directory, and the mod when extracting created a 'Data Files/meshes' directory and placed its meshes there. If that is the case, you will have to manually merge those directories (and any other subdirectories in Data Files suffering from the same problem)

OpenMW has facilities to make these name collisions much less likely. The Wiki's 'Mod Installation' page has details on this newer technique.

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Re: Testing mods - Better Bodies

Post by IppSwitch » 20 Mar 2017, 07:45

I followed the instructions to the letter.
I created a sub-directory inside the "data" folder, Placed the esp's within the folder, created seperate folders for each of the esp's to contain the textures/meshes ect. Linked the folder containing it all the the openmw.cfg file.
I'm using Windows 10 home
64bit system.

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