Scripted Spells 1.5

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Scripted Spells 1.5

Post by michaldybczak » 06 Mar 2017, 00:10

openmw 0.41.0-3
installed the openmw way

Mod kinda works but with serious issues.

- changing into most animals works but you cannot move, exception is a bat form which works because collision is off in that form,
- 'cancel transformation' spell is not working and producing "there is no enough magicka" error (in transformed state it's always 0), although it has 0 cost, so it should work, the only way is to unequip claw attack or wait till metamorphosis wears off, if spell is permanent or produces no natural attack weapon, there is no way to change form back to normal,
- when changing back to humanoid form, animal form remains and traps humanoid form in it, so it's stuck and unable to move, the only way out of it is to teleport itself out,
- transformation of vampires that we embraced works correctly, no issues there, maybe aside some funny movements sometimes (wolf jumping like a frog), in other situations animations seem to be correct,
- 'wall of bones' - works as intended,
- 'mind rip" spell - not tested yet.
- 'wall of fire' spell - not tested yet.
- 'explosive strike' spell - not tested yet.
- 'vampire flight' spell - works as intended.
- 'vampire charm mortal' - not tested yet

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