My mod list is freezing the game

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My mod list is freezing the game

Post by Kiryon » 22 Feb 2017, 23:29

Hi Guys!

Let me start with a good ol' HUGE thanks for OpenMW team for creating the engine. It's an amazing project and I appreciate what you have done so far. I recently decided to play Morrowind which I have not played too much in the past. I started maybe 10 years ago and played a few days, only finished a few quests so you can imagine how excited I must be now because I am going to start a fresh, almost a blind playthrough. I was a kiddo back then, unable to appreciate a real RPG game. Now I'm ready lol.

I also switched to OpenMW as I wanted to try Linux (Windows user for life before) and OpenMW runs natively on it.

To the point - I checked wiki list for mods compatible with OpenMW. I downloaded like 80 of them maybe and after some research I ended up with 60 mods that I consider a really nice addition. I am however encountering a complete game freeze (I need to hit reset button because no key/mouse input works) right after Jiub finishes asking me for his name or when I exit the ship or when I start talking to Socucius. I really want this mod load order to work but I've been trying to troubleshoot the mods to no avail and it completely exhausted me psychically :( I need help!

Here is my load order:

I already figured to switch off some unnecessary plugins, like:
AOF Potions Recolored - only 1 esp should remain
True_Lights_And_Darkness_1.0-NoDaylight.esp (less scripts)
Vibrant Trees - only 1 esp should remain

I also had 4 texture mods but even after disabling them, game still freezes (btw can I have all four enabled? if so, in what order?)

I would really appreciate your help with this :mrgreen:

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Re: My mod list is freezing the game

Post by weedfreak » 23 Feb 2017, 10:38

The first thing to check is your error log, any messages of script failures etc?

The next thing to do itto test all the mods to see what is causing the error. Two methods are to test each one on its own, luckily in your case you only need to run through chargen it seems. Once all mods are known to work then add mods one at a time testing each to ensure there are no conflicts. As this method will involve !60 iterations to test all combinations you may like tp try a second method.

Second method, the half split way, remove half the mods and test the other half in one test, if that works then half the mods are tested for compatibility with other in one go. Then turn them off and test the other half. If one set is failing split it into two halves and retest each. Within about 30 tests you should know which mod is failing or which mods are conflicting, you might even have found a fix.

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Re: My mod list is freezing the game

Post by Kiryon » 24 Feb 2017, 15:27

Thanks for response.

I made all problems go away... I changed Linux graphics "noveau" driver to Nvidia newest driver. No more freezes.

Only one mod "NPC Replacer" gives me "std:bad alloc" error when game loads all plugins. But I can live without it :)

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