[TC] - Arktwendt

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Re: [TC] - Arktwendt

Post by damiel » 03 Jun 2018, 21:14

The TAO mod is not part of this right?


Just did some research now, its not part of it. Probably better as it contains a lot of texture replacers which might not suit everyones taste :D

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Re: [TC] - Arktwendt

Post by TheMechanist » 10 Sep 2018, 20:15

OK I'm currently running a playtrough. My observations so far:
  • I made it to Stormwendt without greater troubles
  • However the group that attacks you in the tavern follows you for like forever. Not sure how it plays out in a vanilla game. Maybe it had to do with my distant land settings? I only been able to loose them by killing them in a narrow space (bridge to the monastery)
  • Animated trees are bugged (supposedly falling leaves are frozen midair)
  • The sitting NPC bug is looking really weird
  • There are some missplaced objects in the game world floating. I guess this is due bad design though
  • I'm not to sure about the backpack. It seems to be relatively useless. For ingredients it just always says: Not enough space or something. For materials it works. Might be just a not so sophisticated script though

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Re: [TC] - Arktwendt

Post by Thunderforge » 14 Sep 2018, 19:12

Great to see a detailed playthrough of this!

If these are bugs due to OpenMW, please file some bug reports on out issue tracker.

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