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Posted: 16 Jul 2020, 13:37
by johnnyhostile
Greetings, outlanders!

I just published a website update and wanted to share some of the more notable changes:
  • User Settings / dark mode for all: "Dark mode" has been supported for a while for those whose OS supports it, but now there's a settings page where this can be controlled. Note that the behavior depends on your browser; I've noticed that my settings aren't applied across all tabs, for instance. Unfortunately, this requires javascript in order to work.
  • Layout modernization / CSS Grid: Various parts of the website that present lists are formatted using a technique that works but is somewhat dated. Some (but not all) of these pages have been redone to utilize modern grid techniques that require less code and fit better on smaller viewports. This includes mod list detail and mod detail pages.
  • Improved settings page: The page where I talk about settings tweaks hadn't seen a major update in a while, so I took the liberty of making that a bit more useful.
  • Video tour: I've added a video tour of the "Total Overhaul" list; something to give players an idea of what their game might look like after putting in all the effort.
  • Other changes: And then there's everything else, including some changes to the Total Overhaul list order itself. Thank you to all that reached out with changes and suggestions.
  • The future: As always, I hope to continue to improve the website in various ways. 1Mac had a cool idea of presenting lists by group, rather than one-by-one. And there's Ravenwing's idea of a checkout system for building custom lists.
Thanks for reading, and happy modding!

Re: 2020-07 website update

Posted: 16 Jul 2020, 14:35
by johnnyhostile
I forgot to mention one other thing:

There's now a docker-compose-based setup process for the local development environment.

So if you ever took a look at the website source code and were scared away by database servers and other steep requirements - check this out! Now, all you need are docker and docker-compose. In theory this should work the same way on Linux, macOS, and Windows. I'd love to hear from someone on Windows that tried this.