Hi, I'm new here

Not about OpenMW? Just about Morrowind in general? Have some random babble? Kindly direct it here.
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Hi, I'm new here

Post by ladyonthemoon » 13 May 2018, 13:35


I'm new here; I just installed OpenMW on my laptop. I haven't even played the game with it yet but I wanted to show myself here before. :)

I had a mod load order problem when I first launched OpenMW but I easily found out that I could fix it by modifying the "openmw.cfg" file I found in "C:\Users\Myself\Documents\My Games\OpenMW".

I've just added the existing saves I had for my current character and am about to try and play with them.

This new engine is a great initiative, I mean it. I'm interested in making games myself and began learning how to use Unity but I'm not well advanced, so I doubt I could be useful in this project but maybe I could learn?

Thank you for bearing with me! :)

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Re: Hi, I'm new here

Post by damiel » 15 May 2018, 18:56

Hi there!

Hope you are going to have a great time here. :)

Greetings \o/

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Re: Hi, I'm new here

Post by Veggicide » 16 May 2018, 19:07

Welcome! I'm pretty new as well. One note, transferring saves from the original engine to openMW isn't perfect, your journal will be blank for example. It is possible to do, I did it and it seems OK, just be warned :)

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