XL Engine source code release!

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Re: XL Engine source code release!

Post by drakovyrn » 15 Apr 2018, 17:32

Procedural height generation should probably be configured based on the terrain or biome, like Minecraft. It would be cool to walk into the mountainous regions and traverse actual mountains, or walk across waving dunes. Being able to have enormous view distances is neat, but the problem is making it interesting. If it's pretty much just flat like the vanilla engine, then there would be no reason to travel around, there would be nothing to look at. The terrain in LuciusDXL's videos looked interesting, but the height generation in Daggerfall Unity feels a bit unnatural -- terrain shoots straight up from the ocean, and feels more like giant waves. It's the same everywhere, so there's nothing interesting to looks at, everything looks the same.

I'm not very good at building from source, so if anyone can make a Windows build for me to test, I'd be eternally grateful...

EDIT: I booted Linux in a VM and was able to cleanly compile the source in about 20 min... why tf does Windows make no damn sense. :roll:
The engine is interesting in that it seems to have the same visual rendering artifacts as the vanilla engine, though I hope that won't always be the case.

Also, it's a pain to play without mouse-capture. I want to be able to look around, but I can only see about 270*, meaning it's impossible to see what's behind me. -_-
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Re: XL Engine source code release!

Post by Greendogo » 20 Apr 2018, 04:48

Was this "Far Terrain" feature in the April Fools treasure chest?

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Re: XL Engine source code release!

Post by psi29a » 20 Apr 2018, 08:00

If it is, it isn't evident... that film was made in 2013, the code dump was from 2011.

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