Shared Mod Folder?

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Shared Mod Folder?

Post by cantankerousbees » 21 Jan 2018, 06:45

Not sure if this belongs in the Mod Compatibility forum or here but is it possible to just grab someones existing collection of installed mods, chuck them into the data folder of Open MW and go play?

I've never used OpenMW but it seems like an amazing tool but I do not have the patience to go downloading a cavalcade of mods again just to put the best coat of paint on morrowind that I can.

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Re: Shared Mod Folder?

Post by raevol » 21 Jan 2018, 07:53

First- OpenMW doesn't support a lot of the rendering mods available for vanilla Morrowind- yet! We'll get there, but for now you are limited to texture/model/content mods.

Second- texture and model mods are very subjective. For example, the only ones I would ever consider using are lysol's, or watercolored. Most of the high res textures or "better body" mods that I see are garish and amateur to my eyes, but hugely popular to other people.

And third- for content mods, you should really play through the game with the vanilla content + official mods + perhaps the Morrowind patch project (or whatever it's called now) + delayed brotherhood attack mod + solstiem rumor fix. Ok I see what you are saying, but yea...

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