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I got inspired by OpenMW

Posted: 26 Dec 2017, 00:30
by drummyfish
Very early stage project:

It's a game that was made in my country and I used to play when I was little, now I'm trying to remake it with my friends. It may end up unfinished, but we're learning a lot and we can already offer a world-viewer and a set of tools for parsing formats etc. It's a great fun.

I still want to work on OpenMW of course, it's just that there's a ton of work at the beginning of a project so I'm only passively maintaining my PRs for OpenMW now. I'd like to hand the project over to someone else when it stabilizes in a few weeks (hopefully) and remain only a contributor so that I can work on OpenMW and other projects.

Anyway, thank you for inspiring me I guess :)

Re: I got inspired by OpenMW

Posted: 26 Dec 2017, 02:05
by raevol
Nice!!! We need more projects like these! Can't wait to play it!