TreeIt - almost Speedtree for free

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Re: TreeIt - almost Speedtree for free

Post by Capostrophic » 08 Sep 2017, 18:32

psi29a wrote:
08 Sep 2017, 06:19
That way we can actually 'see' the trees with Oblivion and Skyrim in OpenMW proper.
Pedantic note: Skyrim doesn't use SpeedTree and all the trees will look the same on starting a new or reloading a saved game unlike Oblivion.

edit: yep, sorry.
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Re: TreeIt - almost Speedtree for free

Post by psi29a » 08 Sep 2017, 20:15

You're right, fixed. There are still vestiges of ST support:
but Skyrim doesn't use them.

It's just Oblivion now then.

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Re: TreeIt - almost Speedtree for free

Post by Chris » 08 Sep 2017, 21:57

Capostrophic wrote:
08 Sep 2017, 18:32
Pedantic note: Skyrim doesn't use SpeedTree, trees are not generated on-the-fly
SpeedTree doesn't generate trees on-the-fly either.
But it’s important to clear up a common fallacy, he says. “It's a misconception that Speedtree generates these procedural trees on the fly, when in fact, it is an offline procedural tool. The procedural part is there, but it's just a tool that the artist uses to create the shape.” ... come-from/

The trees are procedurally generated during development with an easy way to generate multiple variations of the same basic tree, and the game uses those pre-generated meshes at runtime.

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