Mod Question (Underground)

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Mod Question (Underground)

Post by autumnsky38 » 12 Dec 2016, 07:02

Hi everyone. I don't know anything about Open MW, to be honest btw, but I'm stuck and I'm trying to find any Morrowind player who might be able to help. (Hope you don't mind my posting here! If it is NOT okay, please let me know)

Anyway, I've been playing Qarl's The Underground mod and I love it so much, but I'm stuck and the only info I could find on the net was about this same topic, but in German, so I wasn't able to read it. I'm at Kalnoris' Manor and need to give a password to one of the Ash zombies. When he asks you to give a password, you have to click "Okay". But, when you do that, and then the menu comes up where you can choose the password's letters, you end up having actually clicked "1 letter" accidentally because hitting Okay also hits the letters menu. So it's not possible to put in the correct password. (which, excuse my cussing, is "bastard") :)

Anyway, if anyone knows how to put in these letters in order to get into the manor, I'd LOVE to have your help!

Thank you all so much in advance,

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Re: Mod Question (Underground)

Post by damiel » 12 Dec 2016, 18:48

Hello Tracy,

and welcome to the OpenMW forums, i think you hit the proper subforum right away! :)

May i ask you to post the link to the german page that you found? i or someone else from the forum might be able to get something out of it.

If you play this mod with OpenMW you might have spotted a bug or something, in that case which version of OpenMW are you using?



(P.S I can totally understand that password in your situation :D)

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Re: Mod Question (Underground)

Post by Ravenwing » 12 Dec 2016, 23:34

Hey autumnsky38, I'll let damiel handle the German stuff, but if this is what I'm thinking it is, I may be able to help you out. A few questions:
Are you playing using OpenMW? (and what version if you are)
Are you playing with a controller or gamepad?
When you're in dialogue with the ash zombie, what parts are in the dialogue box and what parts are you selecting from a popup box menu (if any)? Is "Okay" a link in the dialogue box? Is the 1 letter part in a dialogue box or menu?
How is it having you enter the password?

Let us know!

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