Essential Mods?

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Re: Essential Mods?

Post by Capostrophic » 07 Dec 2016, 05:08

nwah wrote:The original heads may hold a certain charm, but the thousands of endorsements for Better Heads clearly shows that not everyone shares this perspective.
«Millions of lemmings cannot be wrong.»

"Better Heads" are far from the concepts of Bethesda's designers, sometimes are plain horrible (warcraft orcs, celebrity faces, dat niggas, oh my), and are just outdated anyway.

Westly tends to make bishounens and bishoujos, and his pluginless replacer isn't an exception. However, it's one of the best options.

MacKom drew plastic clones.

Moranar's mer are a tad creepy.

Vvardenfell Visages... meh.

etc. etc. etc.

Yet the original heads are consistent in style, exceptionally lore-friendly (duh), actually look different, are realistic (a bit stylized, but still...), don't have any small issues other than the shitty UV-mapping inherent to every Morrowind mesh.

The point is, BH was never essential mod and will never be.
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