Morrowind Modding Discord - Join the fun!

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Morrowind Modding Discord - Join the fun!

Post by Enclavekiller » 22 Sep 2016, 04:33

Hello everyone! First post here on the OpenMW forums and the reason for that is we're slowly spreading news to the other Morrowind community sites, on August 4th modder Starwarsgal made a Discord server for the Morrowind community, and it has members from both the forums and nexus, even some from here :D We are almost at 70 members, but we are sure that there are people here who have not yet joined and certainly should, if you wish. It's a great way to get to know your fellow community members better and find inspiration for your own projects and so on. Here is the original post by SWG on the Bethesda forums:
Join in now!
Tell others by giving them the link:
(backup invite link:

All you need is a working email address to confirm your account, a mic if you want to voip, and a working internet connection. Just click on the link above to join the discussion, and make your discord account if you haven't already.

For those who are unfamiliar, discord is a webapp, desktop app, and mobile app which lets people chat and direct call other users, and join and create servers where they can use fantastic quality voip to voice chat with others, use a fantastic text chat which supports gifs, videos, and attachments, and in general have a blast. It is geared towards gamers who want to communicate while playing multiplayer games, but it excels at everything I mentioned above.

Why create a discord for the community? Well, there are plenty of outlets where Morrowind modders chat. Various IRC channels, here on the Bethesda forums, the OpenMw forums, Great House Fliggerty, too many other forums to name, various Youtube comment threads, and many other places which I don't even know about. The problem with this is we are lacking a good central location where modders and players can come to chat in real time not only with text but voice as well. Discord is perfect for this. I'm hoping the Discord will allow us to have great discussions which previously only really occurred in DarkElfGuy's Morrowind Modding Group Podcasts.

Morrowind was released in 2002 and many of us have been here for years and years. Our community is tight-knit and is very small compared to other modding communities. To survive and flourish I think this Discord is exactly what we need. So make an account and hop on, share the invite link above with others, and lets have a great time! Hope to see you there. :)
idk how exactly these forums work yet but feel free to ask questions/comment :)

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