help in formatting issues much appreciated xP

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help in formatting issues much appreciated xP

Post by sjek » 02 Sep 2016, 08:30

so this old thread viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2932&p=33044#p33044

is kinda clutterous from any viewpoint and have become little bit of scared of it as the time has passed, but don't know if i just should take that apart to two treads. other focusing on openmw implementation and other for combapility testing, which could wait little for later time and done in the meantime.

writing scripts, going haywire without dialogue and other limitations is more fun than bare bug testing. apart thanks to state of openmw-cs x)

but how you guys would feel about it .? :)

edit: looking for good wiki service by now for testing, might help in organizing that stuff. hard to edit individual lines from all those spoiler tags.
there's already barebones separation testing in first post,
openmw applied in second and
one buggy situation with float or placement in third.

edit2: zim wiki looks promising and easy and there's html and rst export support for sphinx etc. can use proper tab indentation on scripts making them much cleaner althought doesn't translate to forum 1:1 with long ones.
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