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Post by Holgar » 02 Sep 2016, 00:26

Simply forgot to intruduce myself here before posting. Well then, I really don't believe there is much to tell about myself.

I'm no nodder, but fiddling with the editor as anyone does, who didn't escape until before playing TES games for about 2 years or so :) I've thrown the TES3 editor at the wall at end of 2004. No more to say about this.

There was a request at community here: which texture mods would be acceptable. I myself am very conservative, when it comes to Morrowind modding. So, it would be of some interest. Eventually I fire up a new thread:

Here some suggestions:

Mournhold Overhaul

Very very good. Especially the interiors

This is given by the Russian Morrowind friends:

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