Tamriel-Rebuilt UESP Map

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Re: Tamriel-Rebuilt UESP Map

Post by DestinedToDie » 29 Nov 2015, 13:51

EmperorArthur wrote:My naive guess is that it's a process issue.
First an idea is shared. Then it is discussed. Then revised. Then it sits for a bit. After some time, an admin will approve it and make it a claim. Someone claims it, gets permission and starts working on it. When the work is done, it is reviewed. And possibly sent back to fix problems. After problems are fixed, it is reviewed again. And if it's good, then it goes into final review by the admin.

At least that's my understanding of the process in general. They have gone through restructuring a few times, so it might be a little different. It is slow because at nearly every point you need to wait for feedback from other people, who are of course doing this from their own private time.

This is foolproof in the way that although you're throttling the modder's progress at multiple spots, you're making sure that the content he is making is not of poor quality or doesn't suit the vanilla Morrowind style they're going for.

What you could switch this out with is "free range". Once you pass as developer, you can do whatever you want without all the extra communications on the large part. And then hope that developers stay true to the vanilla. I think TR started out this way, but someone made a shack with 2 females and dildos everywhere.

Also see developer roll call. http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25057 They simply need more modders. It used to be that interior, quest, exterior, dialogue, modeling/texturing, literature/lore etc had their own HEAD developers and then "underlings". Right now there seems to be barely enough developers to fill the HEAD dev positions, not even mentioning normal developer positions. Who is doing quests? I think that field is totally devoid of active developers.

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Re: Tamriel-Rebuilt UESP Map

Post by sjek » 29 Nov 2015, 22:33

it got many angles but i think that widespread popularity is not a so big of a problem althought good to keep in mind.

daily checking forums and huh.. there's a lot of new players and users and such. morrowind got it's reputation whatever side you like about it, or don't like :twisted: . but hard to deny quality. those russians and all
there's so much mod resources and all kinds of stuff done that wow....
just when this baby is rolled out with it's complications :lol:

i think the project files are gonna be for a good use with search and data handling and as extra easier landmass editing, camera control, bug finding, cell loading, dialogue editing, -item placement- and such. then somebody decides to code data conversion in and lot of work later vola ^^

there's draft in place at least to organize the data files better at least in project tamriel: province cyrodiil and home of the nords side + other happenings

community is crazy

like damn: it runs on four engines as also skywind is on good roll xP
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