Project Tamriel

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Project Tamriel

Post by Berandas » 13 Jan 2015, 17:17

Hello everyone,

on behalf of several other modders working on Skyrim : Home of the Nords and Province : Cyrodiil, I herewith announce that we have moved into a new common forum on the project-tamriel platform.


Right now we are still in the process of moving our stuff over there and making us a new home, but it is going well so far and many of us are very motivated to take up work after we are done with that.

We have also made some plans for the future development as follows:

- From now on we will provide a monthly summary on everything accomplished in our mod projects to keep everyone updated on the progress.
- We intend to focus on npcs, dialogue and quest development in order to provide releases sooner and with more playing relevance. We will most definitely have releases of Stirk and Karthwasten this year. But the sooner and more quest-heavy, the better.
- Now you can apply for collaboration in all province mods at once by opening your showcase in the community section of the Project Tamriel superforum.
- Due to being on the same superforum there will be more collaboration and coordination between the modprojects.

Many things have happened in the recent months. A lot of lore and many booktexts have been written up, new creatures like Lamia, Cave Troll and several house animals have been introduced. A lot of clothing has been modelled for both projects. New faces were made. Many new ingredients have been created for Cyrodiil. Enchanted items, artifacts, spells and spellscrolls were designed for Skyrim. There are many more things happening on a regular base, things that we would love to share with you in a release as soon as we possibly can.

We are most-thankful for every sign of interest, every feedback or even support to our projects. If you have ever considered participating in the Skyrim project or Cyrodiil or any of the minor projects that haven't fully taken off, don't be afraid to sign up and present your skills in a showcase and receive feedback from respectful people with a long experience in team modding.

Originally posted by Muspila on the official forums.

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Re: Project Tamriel

Post by robcbwilson » 13 Jan 2015, 18:30

This is great news. Providing a monthly update on the state of both projects (as OpenMW does) is an excellent idea as it allows people to easily know the achievements of the past month and the progress towards the next release.

I look forward to the next releases from both projects and also OpenMW 1.0 in 2015, will be quite a year :)

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Re: Project Tamriel

Post by MithrilLeaf » 15 Jan 2015, 22:29

Wasn't this superforum a thing a while ago but was just unused? I distinctly recall seeing it when trying to see if there was a Black Marsh mod.

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