Removing the stat menu

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Removing the stat menu

Post by Sorrowind » 30 Oct 2018, 14:28

Hi there OpenMW community :D .

So I'm modding a total conversion of Morrowind (yeah, I know what you're thinking: :roll: ) using the original construction set (through wine) and running the game in OpenMW (I use linux) (btw I'm loving the OpenMW project :D ). Basically, I'm changing a lot of the mechanics of the vanilla game. The way I'm doing it is pretty horrendous given that I'm "plastering over" some of the stuff that will be left out of the final product - the lot of it is tinkering with the game settings' variables and using the limited vanilla scripting to create the gameplay mechanics.

Maybe this forum isn't the right place to ask, but here goes:

Since I'm making a completely new stats menu for the player character, I have simply prevented the vanilla stats menu from being enabled on the player's menu screen (simply never using the EnableStatsMenu command during character generation). However, I have noticed that the stats menu is showing if I save the game after character generation and then load it. Now since vanilla doesn't feature a DisableStatsMenu command, I'm guessing this behaviour is coded outside the .esm. What would be the way to go about this problem? Can I reconfigure this behavior with OpenMW? Thanks in advance :)

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Re: Removing the stat menu

Post by halbe » 31 Oct 2018, 17:44

I've had the same experience with trying to disable the map by never allowing "enablemapmenu" to be run, does anyone know if this happens in vanilla Morrowind? It would be nice if the state of these two functions (and similar ones) were saved instead of the loader just assuming that they are enabled when loading an existing save.

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