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Re: Natural Character Growth and Decay - An OpenMW Leveling Mod

Post by LoneWolf » 10 Oct 2017, 14:35

I may have been a bit to mysterious / technical in my previous post, so i'll try to explain what i found.

The ncgdmw readme and spreadsheet suggest the contribution to attributes from primary / secondary / tertiary skills goes like this :

primary : secondary : tertiary = 4 : 2 : 1

The used code however results in this ratio :
primary : secondary : tertiary = 2 : 1.41 : 1

In other words , having 50 skill in 2x tertiary endurance skills ( say blunt weapon & alchemy ) contributes the same to endurance as having 50 in 1x primary endurance skill like block .
Having 50 skill in 2x secondary endurance skills (say athlettics & light armor ) contributes more to endurance than 50 in 1x primary endurance skill .

This makes primary skills feel very undervalued and i think the calculation needs to be changed.

I do like ncgdmw and the cap removal method used by greywander is ingenious but it does have issues that need correction.

another example:
Quest rewards that change atttributes like the 2 strength increase from returning Cloudcleaver to Hlormar Wine-Sot don't work.

I do hope greywander is subscribed to this thread.

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