Magic Effects

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Magic Effects

Post by SalahMagoosh » 12 Nov 2020, 08:36

Hi first time posting,

I was planning on creating a few extra magic effects. Specifically filling in the missing bound item magic effects (greaves and pauldrons). As far as I can see they are hardcoded in the following locations:

openmw\apps\opencs\model\world\defaultgmsts.cpp declares a set of hard coded strings for each effect/gamesetting
openmw\components\esm\loadmgef.cpp maps the magic effect strings to index values (gmst IDs)
openmw\apps\opencs\model\world\columns.cpp contains an array of strings for effectIds I'm assuming for use in the cs
openmw\apps\openmw\mwmechanics\actors.cpp holds some code to determine the slot of a bound item

Tbh I'm just struggling to piece together how a magic effect goes from being to declared to being implemented, and then how the cs/engine pulls these hard coded effects up. I suppose if anyone could point me to where any magic effect is implemented in code that would be a good start. More to the point if there is some info which is also hardcoded into the esm that we can't access then it would be grand to know I'm fighting a losing battle before I delve too deep. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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