OpenSceneGraph port now playable

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by raevol » 10 Jun 2015, 00:39

maqifrnswa wrote:I set up a daily build ppa: ... penmw-osg/
Thanks! I'll try this soon.

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by Golken » 10 Jun 2015, 00:56

Great post and amazing improvements! :D That UI scaling trick and its screenshot aren't too attractive in a news post, but whatever (I guess it would be better if clarified by simply sticking in the word "temporary"). The post is well-made.
Shnatsel wrote:Just my $0.02 on the goals for 1.0: I'd totally wait for inclusion of shadows and water reflections before releasing it. Water reflections, just because they're damn awesome and non-reflective water looks worse than vanilla water; and shadows for several reasons:
  • Vanilla had dynamic shadows (damn glitchy ones, but it did!), so having none would be a regression over vanilla.
  • It's 2015, people expect dynamic shadows in games.
  • 1.0 is probably the only release that's going to get reasonably wide press coverage. This is your chance to introduce the more causal audience to OpenMW. If the articles will all say "but they don't have shadows, so it doesn't look all that great"... that'd be a pity.
I totally understand delaying some optimizations to post-1.0, but things that massively impact the look and feel of the game should be there on "release". Even though 1.0 is not, technically, a final release, I'm pretty sure it will be widely regarded as such anyway.
I fully agree on the general idea. It would seem to be the wisest choice to delay 1.0 until it is feature-complete (in all noticeable manners) in regards to vanilla reimplementation. I thought that was the whole point of the 1.0 designation in the first place...
Releases without such present-in-vanilla extras can simply be called v0.9 or even v0.99 if you really want, and celebrated. We should prefer that OpenMW v1.0 doesn't look lacking in comparison to the vanilla engine in any way. Also, as mentioned, it should be a "big hit" and v1.1 etc are not likely to get quite as much coverage.
I suppose it could even be argued it would be good to delay v1.0 further (for improvements), for the same reason, but that's not the purpose of v1.0 and it will state that the goal is to further improve it from that point on.

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by raevol » 10 Jun 2015, 09:45

raevol wrote:Thanks! I'll try this soon.
Oh my GOD. This is a world of a difference... the fps could still use a little help, to be sure, but exteriors have been transformed for me from irritating and uncomfortable to smooth and playable. And the beautiful beautiful anti-aliasing... THANK YOU SCRAWL!!

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by Lazaroth » 10 Jun 2015, 19:48

No one answered this:
Lazaroth wrote: BTW, let me know if I should put any of these on the tracker. Keeping the issues in the thread for now.
Referring to the 4 issues I've mentioned in the thread (though 3 and 4 is most likely the same).

But since I've seen other OSG on the tracker, I'm guessing yes?

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by Tinker » 11 Jun 2015, 08:45

It does no harm to have them on the tracker with cross links to forum threads if needed, worst that will happen is they will be closed or merged with other bugs, best is they are more visible there and will get fixed.
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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by Lazaroth » 11 Jun 2015, 10:44

Yeah, it was just that this is OSG specific and there might be some additional things needed or wanted, but since I get no other direct answers I'll just go ahead and post them - in a bit. Need to fetch my camera, so I can record issue #2, since it doesn't show up in Fraps.

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by matthewfarmery » 12 Jun 2015, 14:45

just tried this, huge difference, loading times are nearly instant (probably not a fair test as both morrowind data files and the OSG files are on a SSD :D )

still, Vivec is a lot faster to move around in, rather then the very slow FPS I was getting in the ogre3d port, and yes, my system is pretty beefy as well

windows 7 64bit (used the 64 bit version of the game)
intel 4770k CPU
geforce 780
16 gig DDR3 ram

but anyway, amazing improvement, awesome work to the team for making this possible. can't wait for the rest to be unlocked and added. morrowind is getting a lot better thanks to the new renderer

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by DanielCoffey » 20 Jun 2015, 19:43

Just to add some extra info on Lazaroth's #3 bug, I too have seen the screen flicker and it is fairly easy to observe in Seyda Neen on a pure vanilla unmodded install.

I am running the 0.36.0 Win64 revision 07542d1671 on the Steam GOTY version on Win8.1 on hardware in my forum sig. Vsync was ON and capped to 60fps. Resolution was 2560x1440 fullscreen and AA 2x was selected.

I find the best way to describe the bug is "a few rapid flashes to black". It generally occurs for me when opening a container outdoors for the first time, such as the various fungi around the Seyda Neen buildings and nearby trees. It will happen perhaps twice in about ten containers.

I had the F3 debug screen up at the time showing the FPS and the dynamic meters and noted a dip in the light grey line at the time it occurred to about a third of its normal height. Once the flash to black was over, the line returned to normal. I'll see what I get with a screen print if the overlay can be captured.

EDIT : Gah - no screenshot was taken - damn! This is anecdotal but both times I opened a plant container, there was a very short (c. 1 second) delay before the flicker and it seemed to be related to moving the mouse towards the Take All button after pressing space to open the plant. The three fungi on the tree to the left of Arille's gave me two flickers out of the three fungi the first time I tried it and none the next time.
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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by cdoublejj » 10 Jul 2015, 06:41

Amazing work guys!

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by edensb » 10 Jul 2015, 18:12

Quite interesting changes, going for a another engine = quite a move, with indeed some neat changes.

In any case, future look good as to OpenMW.

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