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Enemies should take (better) advantage of their weapon's range

Posted: 27 Jul 2020, 08:58
by xaflu
As of right now the AI doesn't really take advantage of simple things like if your character is wielding a mace and they have a spear. When combat starts with an enemy that out ranges you, they will run up to you and be at the proper distance they should be to out range you, but if you walk forward, they will just let you close the distance and not even attempt to back up to keep their distance advantage. It really defeats the whole purpose of NPCs wielding a spear or staff or anything else with longer than the default range when the player just walks forward and nullifies it. Obviously though, if the NPC was constantly trying to run backwards from you it could be easily exploited, like running them into lava or off a cliff (although that would be hilarious). A good solution may be to make it so if they score an actual hit on the player only then do they quickly back up into their proper range again. It would definitely make the AI seem smarter and be more fun to fight.