Brightness & Intro Skipping

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Brightness & Intro Skipping

Post by masternetra » 17 Oct 2019, 21:26

Two things I think this needs is Brightness Control and the ability to skip the intro and the ability to go straight to the main menu.
I have my monitor's brightness maxed and I can barely see indoors. Went to turn the brightness up and to my surprise I find there is no brightness or contrast, two of the most basic settings for video , not sure how that got missed, but it happens I guess.
As for the intro, well you can only watch and wait so many times before it just becomes a annoyance. Really could use the ability to skip to the main menu.

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Re: Brightness & Intro Skipping

Post by Pop000100 » 18 Oct 2019, 03:41

For Intro Skipping change these lines in openmw.cfg

Code: Select all

fallback=Movies_Company_Logo,bethesda logo.bik
just replace xxxxxxxxx.bik with anything that isnt valid like 1292u4y819329w8ey.bik and it will run without that video, this is the same method as skyrim you also can just move the files

for brightness if you haven't already adjust the gamma slider(it might do nothing since you already changed your moniter).

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Re: Brightness & Intro Skipping

Post by raevol » 18 Oct 2019, 03:45

Regarding the darkness of the game, please make sure your monitor is calibrated correctly. If all you are doing is cranking up your monitor's brightness, your contrast or gamma or any number of other settings your monitor may have may be out of whack and causing the issue. Don't forget that your OS or your video drivers may have their own settings as well, all of which should be set to sane defaults so your monitor calibration isn't fighting against them.

Any number of guides can help you with this, for example:


If you've checked all your non-OpenMW settings and that image (and any other images or guides you may have referenced) really do look fine, then there may be some carry-over graphical setting that I am unaware of that our Devs might know about? (edit: I was thinking of the gamma setting that @Pop000100 mentioned above)

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