Auto-Cleaning Mods?

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Auto-Cleaning Mods?

Post by Kageseigi » 12 Apr 2019, 02:53

Would it be possible for OpenMW to be given the (optional?) functionality to automatically "clean" mods of GMST Contamination without having to use external tools? Or if not to actually clean them, to simply ignore the incorrect GMST values so there won't be any need to clean them?

I know whenever I want to start a Morrowind playthrough, I usually put it off because of the sheer time and effort it takes to get a stable/clean/compatible mod list. Not having to worry about which mods are supposed to be cleaned and which are specifically not supposed to be cleaned would alleviate a lot of that.

And also, I've read that TES3MP is looking to make mod-synchronization between players much easier and more automated, so mods listed on a server could be downloaded automatically when joining. It seems that automatic cleaning/ignoring of GMST Contamination would be beneficial to that also.

Thanks for the answer... and also for OpenMW! :-D

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Re: Auto-Cleaning Mods?

Post by AnyOldName3 » 12 Apr 2019, 14:05

There are times when having a same-as-default record is desirable, such as when creating a patch for two mods where one changes the value and the other requires it to be at the default. That means we can't just ignore all such records without potentially breaking something that would otherwise have worked (and is also why some mods say not to clean them). OpenMW does what it's told, and if you tell it to do something stupid, it's not there to second guess why.
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Re: Auto-Cleaning Mods?

Post by Sagacity » 15 Apr 2019, 05:57

Also "dirty" records are usually non-significant. When they become significant, it's usually not the result of the dirt records themselves, but poor management on the modder's part. We should try not to promote that as in any event that OpenMW fails to catch such issues, the blame will land on OpenMW, even if the feature wasn't intended to extend that far.

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