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In game GMST editor

Posted: 11 Apr 2019, 19:35
by 1Mac
Something like this:

It would allow for the basic functionality of several MWSE mods without the need for full MWSE integration, right? For example, Shut Up is just a tweak to one GMST, GreetDistanceMultiplier I’m guessing. It would also make it easier to blend the effects of different mods that make GMST edits, so you wouldn’t have to choose between one set of GMSTs or another.

I of course have no idea how easy, or how wise, this would be to implement. Maybe allowing users to tweak GMSTs without guidance would be a disaster.

Re: In game GMST editor

Posted: 11 Apr 2019, 19:46
by Capostrophic
At the moment it's not viable because of how chaotic the usage of GMSTs is, in a significant number of instances the GMST becomes read-only upon definition.

Shut Up adjusts the value of the GMST every frame so that it's 0 if the player is not currently looking at an NPC, user interference won't work as intended. You don't want to disable greetings, you'll break stuff with that.