DnD Style Spell Behavior

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DnD Style Spell Behavior

Post by Kageseigi » 31 Jan 2018, 20:02

I know OpenMW is a new engine that allows for a lot more possibilities than the original Morrowind engine allowed, though I don't know of the limits.

With TES3MP's multiplayer capability, I could see Morrowind becoming much more DnD-like. So while I find the thought of a D20 system fascinating, I'm more curious if OpenMW would allow Morrowind to have spells behave more like DnD.

I haven't played too much with spellmaking (either in game or the CS), but it appears that Morrowind allows a spell to affect the user, a target on touch, or a target from any range.

In DnD, many of the spells have a limit to their range, but they can go far beyond melee touch range. Also, many spells automatically "track" or auto-hit the target, being unavoidable... the only way to avoid or lessen the effect is for the target to make a saving roll.

Is there anything in OpenMW to allow such behavior? Perhaps have ranged spells fizzle out after they travel too far? Or maybe rig casting spells to act like telekinesis so they can be "on touch" at 30 or 60 feet, or whatever the set distance limit is?

There are so many thoughts and dreams! But I guess this would be an important foundation for them.

Thank you! :-D

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Re: DnD Style Spell Behavior

Post by akortunov » 05 Feb 2018, 17:41

Kageseigi wrote:
31 Jan 2018, 20:02
Is there anything in OpenMW to allow such behavior?
The short answer is "no". But you can create a fork of the engine and implement these features by yourself (a LOT of work).

More info:
1. There is no target auto-tracking in Morrowind.
2. You can use spell reflection/absorption or Resist * magic effects.
3. OpenMW uses GMST (fTargetSpellMaxSpeed/fTargetSpellMaxSpeed) to control max distance of projectiles/spells. You will have to change ESM format to set the distance explicitly for some spells.
4. Morrowind uses D100 instead of D20 in game mechanics.

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