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Gameplay Improvements

Post by drakovyrn » 25 Jan 2018, 07:22

So I've been playing Morrowind for a while now (I recently reached level 55), and there are just a few things I would like to see implemented as optional features that can be enabled in the cfg, to enhance a few annoying things about gameplay.

First, I would like to see an option to limit jump height based on the amount of time the jump key is held down. Basically, while player holds jump key, go up until jump key is released (or has reached maximum height based on skill) and then fall back down. I'd like this feature because (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) my character is level 100 in agility and acrobatics, and can easily leap over houses in a single bound. Unfortunately, this means that every time I need to hop over that small rock or step in a cave that's stopping me from walking forward, jumping causes my character to go flying headfirst into the cavern ceiling, only to then stall for a few seconds as I try to wait for my character to come back down, all for a single rock or step. There's no reason for this, and it would be better if I could make my character only jump for the height he needs, rather than go for the slam dunk every time.

Second, I'd like to see skill-based slope-scaling/walking/climbing. I hate that my character can jump over buildings and fall off a cliff from the top of Red Mountain down to its base and take minimal damage, but somehow, that small hill between Balmora and Fort Moonmoth is too much for the Nerevarine to conquer.

Yeah, I could pull out my levitation spell and fly right over it, but with 100 agility and acrobatics, why should I? Now, I guess I'm just salty that Morrowind doesn't feature climbing like Daggerfall does, but I'd like to see the ability to walk up steeper slopes as a characters level in agility/acrobatics increases. I'd probably say that 0 in agility/acrobatics means you can only climb the standard limit on a slope set by OpenMW (I'm not sure what that is, 45 degrees?), and 100 agility/acrobatics means you can climb slopes up to 60 degrees, or something like that.

I'm more flexible about the second optional feature request, but I'm sure everyone here has been annoyed by their character's overcompensating jumps at some point (in fact, that was one of the things my gf (who had never played Morrowind before) complained about when she wanted to try it out with my character).
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Re: Gameplay Improvements

Post by halbe » 28 Jan 2018, 01:56

I jury rigged that jumping system actually because I want to do the same thing. If you jump right after uncrouching, your jump bonus is based on how long you crouched for (which takes into account your acrobatics and strength). This is a minor feature in a much bigger mod I've been working on.

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Re: Gameplay Improvements

Post by silentthief » 05 Feb 2018, 16:12

As a gameplay improvement, i would set up a toggle for whether the "locked" or "trapped" pop up shows up

I was working with a mod for MWSE that was to revamp the stealth classes. When picking a character type in character creation, my thoughts on this would be that most people would not pick a stealth class type because you can pick warrior or mage and get similar results with open spell and practicing skills. I realize that any class can get any of the skills maxed out, but I just thought it would be nice to flush out the stealth class abilities a little bit.

So, I started working on a trap expansion as the first part of this. The idea was that I would do a couple of things with this. I wanted it not to display the "trapped" warning when looking at a trapped door or chest, and this was something that Hrnchamd helped with in the Morrowind code patch - removing the pop up window saying that these objects were trapped. So then I was using MWSE to find the object that the crosshairs were on, and what would happen is if you looked at an object that was trapped then you would have a chance based upon your security skill to have a window pop up and say "trapped". I had intended to have it start out low and as you looked at the object for a bit of time it would increase your chance (like you are checking the object)

I had success with the chests - because I removed the trap effect on open and instead set up a "trap" temp item in the chest which i could run a check which would start a script when looking at any container object, and it allowed me to determine a trapped chest from a non-trapped chest (when executing the scripts for determining whether or not to put the "trapped" pop up window or to hit player with the trap spell effect). The trapped chests/container objects worked fine - but I was having less success with doors. You cannot put an item in a door - and I was unsure how to verify that crosshairs were looking at the door for the check versus security (as in, the searching for traps on the door script). I shelved the idea for a while and then it became indefinitely.

I had also considered changing the "detect key" spell to a "detect traps" spell/effect, but was not sure yet how that would work.

I realize now that I may have bit off more than I could chew at the time, as this would have been my first actually released mod. But I still have the mod and was showing successes so I did not want to stop trying.

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Re: Gameplay Improvements

Post by akortunov » 05 Feb 2018, 17:32

drakovyrn wrote:
25 Jan 2018, 07:22
I'd probably say that 0 in agility/acrobatics means you can only climb the standard limit on a slope set by OpenMW (I'm not sure what that is, 45 degrees?), and 100 agility/acrobatics means you can climb slopes up to 60 degrees, or something like that.
IIRC, max slope angle is a constant in the physics subsystem. I am not sure if you can get access to player's skill from physics manager.

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