Quick Inventory Transfer

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Quick Inventory Transfer

Post by Tarius »

Someone mentioned this on the official forums that they would like a way to quickly move an item from a container/body/etc to their inventory with a simple click, instead of having to drag the item.
This is a nice idea and is definitly related to something like hotkeys. Perhaps holding down ctrl and clicking would do the instant transfer(another key for non-windows) or perhaps there could just be a text file that people can edit themselves which would allow them to set which keys do what as they like. In this case, you would consider this as like an inventory function hotkey.
I am a bigger fan of tons of control rather than taking the "user-friendly" approach.
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Re: Quick Inventory Transfer

Post by sirherrbatka »

ctrl is already reserved for taking only one item of the stack (like arrow), while shift is reserved for taking the whole stack.

I guess that the most intuitive would be just double click or making containers behave like trade window.

Personally I don't have problems with containers.
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Re: Quick Inventory Transfer

Post by Greendogo »

I like the double click idea, Herrbatka.

So basically, if you want to drag one arrow from a stack, you hold down shift and drag it over. But if you just want to grab it and stuff it in your pocket, just hold down shift and double click to grab one, or hold down ctrl and double click to grab them all.
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