Undo the alleged MCP "fix" for Absorb spell reflection

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Re: Undo the alleged MCP "fix" for Absorb spell reflection

Post by Hallfaer » 21 Apr 2018, 18:07

How do I fight monsters with reflect? Several options:

Dump multiple summons on them. Personally aside from my personal ability to summon high level daedra, I'd consider bringing Gothren's Cephalopod helm and Aryon's Helper to the fight (summon Dremora and summon one of each atronach).

But aside from that I have bound weapons, self fortification spells (fortify speed 100 + fortify strength 100 + fortify long blade 100 + bound longsword is a good one), and my elaborately named Insulated Revelation of the Deadlands. Resist Magicka 100% on self 1s, Weakness to Magicka 100% on touch 1s, Weakness to Fire 100% on touch 1s, Fire Damage 50pts on touch 3s.
Reflected damage you receive is capped at 100pts/second if you are not fortified by any other magical effects, and are really unlucky (all three effects are reflected back onto yourself simultaneously. This is survivable for my mage character as long as I quickly quaff some healing potions or had already cast a battle regeneration spell. However, at up to 600pts of fire damage spread over three seconds it is good enough to kill most things quickly.

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