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(Post 1.0 features) Expanded music system and built-in npc schedule system

Posted: 25 Nov 2017, 16:04
by austen1000
I know one of the devs mentioned adding an expanded music system to OpenMW after 1.0 in some past threads, but, I'm not sure if that particular dev is still around. So, I was wondering if that feature is going to be added still. For all of Morrowind's strength's, its music system is a little weak when compared to other entries, both before and after it (the music itself is good, however). It be nice to have a system that can easily be adjusted by modders or users that doesn't rely on scripts. Like, dungeon music or different combat music for the more dangerous enemies like bosses, and even music for cities, for example.

Also, I was wondering if anyone planned on adding a npc schedule system to the engine itself, something that mods can make use of? I mean, I know it is possible to script in the freature, but, a dedicated system built into the engine would be nice. Doesn't have to be super complex like Radiant AI, just something to breath more life into towns and cities without making boatloads of scripts and other things to simulate such a system.