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Ability To Add More Sliders To Race Menu

Posted: 19 Aug 2017, 22:46
by SatoriLotus
How difficult would it be to add new sliders to the race menu?

I'm creating several new races for what may eventually be a standalone game (free from MW assets.) For most of them this isn't an issue, but for the most prevalent races things get tedious.


The Sheikah race has 8 unique female head meshes (which could increase), 3 hair colors (eyebrows are part of the head mesh due to different ridge sizes, creating the need for more head textures) as well as 8 skin textures (blank skin and 7 different "war paints.") If my math is correct, this means that the player would have to sort through 192 entries in the "Face" slider which is kind of ridiculous.

Not only that but every time I add something new, If I want things to be organized by color and mesh, I'll have to completely overhaul or just remake the plugin.

The current "fix" would require me to limit selection, only certain choices are available for each mesh. I'd prefer not to have to do this.

So I guess the feature I'm requesting is the ability to add new sliders as well as the ability to choose which slider a head entry is tied to in the CS. I suppose some head entries will need to be "parented" to others, sort of like how armor works with its "body part" entries.

Something like:

<- Change Sex ->

<- Change Head ->
<- Change Skin ->

<- Change Hairstyle ->
<- Change Hair Color ->

I know this wouldn't do much to reduce work in the CS, that's okay. It might prevent having to re-do as much when adding new entries though.

Mostly this would make things easier for the player.

Sorry if this is a silly request or anything like that, I have no coding knowledge.

Re: Ability To Add More Sliders To Race Menu

Posted: 20 Aug 2017, 04:29
by heilkitty
I don't think OpenMW allowes to change skin tone. Not yet, at least.

Re: Ability To Add More Sliders To Race Menu

Posted: 20 Aug 2017, 05:59
by kuyondo
in openmw, it is possible and you will need a lot of codes for this.

Re: Ability To Add More Sliders To Race Menu

Posted: 20 Aug 2017, 21:39
by SatoriLotus
Right, that would require re-working the entire usage of nifs.

I don't mean that I want the ability to point to textures using the CS, but rather the ability to point multiple nifs to a head entry in a similar manner to how clothing/armor is handled. - Having "skin" sliders be dependent on head entries, with the "skin" choices being the multiple nifs.

Then again, having the CS point to textures may be the better choice. Honestly I don't know, I just want to open the race menu up to more options in a streamlined way.