Installation Improvements

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Installation Improvements

Post by ghales » 17 Aug 2017, 22:18

So, I've been playing with 42 and it is fantastic. Performance is great (way better than vanilla), and play is rock solid, except for an issue changing screen resolutions (detailed below). It is getting really hard to find bugs to report :D

However, installing OpenMW is not totally smooth. There are the issues noted by others with finding the .esm files versus the Morrowind directory, and with messing up the load order of the expansions ( I haven't seen that one). In my case, the installer asked me for my path to Tribunal, after being given the correct path to the game .esm. Being lazy, I just clicked Tribunal and Bloodmoon off and proceeded, which seemed to make the installer happy, and made me happy since it found and installed them both anyway. Then it didn't find my mods the first time I started the game. So I quit and restarted and there they were. This has also been reported elsewhere. When I finally got the game running, I forgot to change the resolution in the launcher from the default 800x600 (really?) to 1920x1200 fullscreen. So, I did it from game options. That turned out badly, since I wound up with an 800x600 fullscreen with a scrambled display. There were bits and pieces of the options menu on the screen so I tried to undo what I did but the game locked up before I found a useable button. Eventually, I muddled my way through, but sorry, no logs since I had to reboot.

Overall, installing OpenMW is not clean and user-freindly. Both the launcher and the installer could use some love. I concur with Biboran that a GUI option in the launcher to change game settings like “view distance” and “merchants wearing sold items” would be nice.

Thanks again for this awesome game. The work you guys are doing is amazing.

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Re: Installation Improvements

Post by Thunderforge » 29 Aug 2017, 03:53

A number of these issues you mention are in the bug tracker (e.g. #3926 Installation Wizard places Morrowind.esm after Tribunal/Bloodmoon if it has a later file creation date. We just need people to fix them. If you spot anything that isn't in the bug tracker, please be sure to add it.

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