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Re: MCP-like menu

Post by Arakhor » 01 Sep 2017, 20:50

Done! Thank you.

(On a side note, it seems a little bit silly that we need three separate log-ins for the forum, the wiki and the bug-tracker.)
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Re: MCP-like menu

Post by Thunderforge » 01 Sep 2017, 23:33

Thanks for filing the feature request for changing the screenshot location! I agree that it's a needed feature, and would be a good thing to add to this proposed menu when completed.

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Re: MCP-like menu

Post by Bulbulator » 12 Nov 2017, 10:55

Interesting stuff, wanna to see this too. I'am not very like check ssetings in game files. Any idea when this will happen? Hope before 1.0

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