[Request] Diagonal movement, splitting animations

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[Request] Diagonal movement, splitting animations

Post by TheOneWhoWatches » 15 Jun 2017, 11:06


1)I always thought it's weird that while I pressing Up or Down and one of the direction button, instead of having animation adjusted by +/- 45 degrees, forward and backward movements are used as is and the character is sliding to the side while I see WalkForward/WalkBackward animation (for example, same for Run, and probably SwimWalk and SwimRun.
It would be nice to rotate animations by 45 degrees. Or new animation tags, like WalkForwardLeft and others with rotating Forward/Backward animations as fallback. I can try to change original animations for new ones if it will be needed.
I know, animations and etc is for post 1.0, but IMHO thi is more like a "fix".

2)Is it possible to have additional animation files? Like, for example, for female characters it's possible to have part of the animations in base_anim_female and others will be taken from base_anim. Just more of them. It's quite tiresome to work with long animation tracks, or merge multiple ones (thanks to silentthief for mentioning Liztail Animation Kit, but I'm afraid to even try to mix custom skeleton(s) with vanilla ones).

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